Must Haves For Every Travel Junkie

Travelers, Wanderers, People on the go, there are so many names we can list out for people who travel. Although traveling can be great fun, sometimes it can just be a plain monotonous business trip, therefore knowing what to pack is the need of the hour. Now, everybody loves life hacks, who wouldn’t consider a shortcut if given an option? When it comes to traveling all of us would like to travel light, pack less and most importantly, pack only “the essentials”. So to make things simple, here are a few essentials that every travel junkie must have:

  1. A Camera Sling Bag: Now we all will love reminiscing about our trips, and adventures by looking at the photos and videos that were captured. Therefore, having a handy portable, lightweight and easy to carry camera bag is a must. Plus having a big bag, with multiple compartments is such a privilege on top of that!
  2. Printed Towel: When we travel, we need to have a towel that dries up super quick. The need can be a possible understatement if I must say so. So towels with microfibers are really easy to fold and fit in, and they dry up really fast. Plus, a few vibrant prints on the towel never hurt anyone. Did we say that it is totally beach friendly as well?
  3. USB Charging Hackpack: Backpack? More like “hack-pack”! Having a camera sling bag is a definite must, but for business professionals who live on their phone and laptops can rip off the benefits of this USB Charging Backpack. A 100% battery while traveling is a 100% must.
  4. Two Way Voice Translator: Thanks to technology, life has become so simple. Isn’t it annoying to go to exotic locations and not be able to speak the local language? Being multilinguistic is quite a task we say, hence a two-way language translator can simplify things. These tiny devices can be so grateful when one is traveling to a place where the language is a barrier, by translating languages, deciphering texts. Now you can speak away!
  5. Quality Rich Water Ionizer Bottles: One bad side of traveling around a lot can be the constant change of water. It can take such a toll on your health, therefore water ionizer bottles are so handy, and a literal boon. Purifying water on the go, you wouldn’t need an iron stomach.
  6. Smart Fingerprint Lock: Keeping your luggage safe and secure is extremely important. Not just that, constantly worrying about lock picking is troublesome. Fingerprint locks are definitely in right now. Most of these locks are also waterproof and pretty durable, to lock your luggage away.

So now that you know what are the essentials, get cracking and get packing!

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