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People, moments and you

Newcomers, your friends, family, colleagues. People who are as cool as you. The people and the plans. But mostly the experience and memories! Thats Frangout.

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Visiting an old friend? Or wanna ask that person out but dont know how? Don't fret. Just organise and Frangout at your favourite place and invite.


#Tag and emoji tag your Frangout based on your interest, so that like minded people will join you.


Facebook authenticated profiles, so that you know heads up about everyone in the Frangout. Have your timeline, notifications and photos to keep you upto date and have great memories of your Frangout.

Place Details

Get to know everything from menu, photos and address about the Frangout place.

Group Chat

Private chat for each Frangout so that it makes the process smooth and private.

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